Head of the Department

Name : Mrs. K. Ramya

Qualification :M.Tech

Department : Civil Engineering

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Head of the Department:

Our faculties provide students with fundamental knowledge and the skills needed to resolve the problems related to construction and maintenance of infrastructure in harmony with the society and environment. Our technical and non-technical staffs impart high technical competence to our students making them ethically strong engineers to develop our society.

Sl. No.Name of the StaffQualificationDesignation
1Mrs. K. RamyaM.TechHOD
2Mrs. R. M. AshaM.E,(Ph.D)Associate Professor
3Mr. R. ShivashankarM.EAssociate Professor
4Mr. S. SivaramakrishnanM.E,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
5Mr. P. Pon DeepakM.EAssistant Professor
6Mr. C. AchudhanM.E,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
7Ms. M. UdhayanilaM.EAssistant Professor
8Mrs. R.A. PriyadarshiniM.EAssistant Professor
9Mr. R. SridharM.EAssistant Professor
10Mr. M. MuruganM.EAssistant Professor
11Mrs. L. RajeshwariM.EAssistant Professor
12Mr. G. Dilip KumarM.EAssistant Professor
13Mr. K. A SoundarajanM.E,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
14Mr. C. SivaguruM.EAssistant Professor
15Mr. B. S. Xavier VedharayanM.EAssistant Professor
16Mr. J. RajeshM.EAssistant Professor
17Mrs. R. GowriM.EAssistant Professor
18Mr. T. R. KarthickM.EAssistant Professor
19Mrs. A. P. Anita RajM.EAssistant Professor
20Mrs. G.Shreelecka
M.EAssistant Professor
S.NoName of the StaffQualificationDesignation
1Mr. E. NatarajanITIOffice Assistant
2Mr. P. Adhi NarayananB.E.,Lab Technician
3Ms. Vivega .RBsc.,Lab Technician