Successful Civil Engineering graduates are creative, numerate, good communicators and skilled at solving problems and delivering results. With these qualities, our graduates not only develop careers as high quality practicing engineers, but also they are sought after by top companies for their potential in management, finance, consulting and other senior professional positions.
Civil engineers are employed by federal, state, and local governments, as well as the private sectors and also by leading international agencies with attractive salary.

Lab details:

S.No.Name of labInvestment in lakhs
1Survey lab10.9
2Strength of materials lab8
3Fluid mechanics lab8
4Soil Engineering lab10
5Environmental Engineering lab17
6CAD lab8
7Highway and Concrete lab8.5

Details of laboratories:

S.NoMajor Equipments
2Dumpy Level
3Plane Table
4Prismatic Compass
5Surveyors Compass
6Total Station
S.NoMajor Equipments
2Torsion Testing Machine
3Spring testing Machine
4Izod Impact Testing machine
6Brinell hardness Tester
7Rockwell Hardness tester
8Deflection Test
9Le Chatlier Apparatus
10Vicat's Apparatus
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Liquid Limit &Plastic Limit Apparatus
2Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
3Sieve Shaker
5Unconfined Comp. Test Apparatus
6Direct Shear Apparatus
7Proctor Compaction Tester
8CBR Apparatus
9Soil Consolidation Tester
10Permeability Apparatus
11Triaxial Test Apparatus
12Vane Shear Apparatus
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Turbidity Meter
2BOD Incubator
3Muffle Furnace
4Jar Test Apparatus
5COD Digestion Unit
6Photo calorimeter
7Chlorine Comparator Set
8pH Meter
9Water Bath Thermostat
10Conductivity Meter
11Electronic Balance
12Oxygen Analyser
14Flame Photometer
15BOD Analyser
16COD Analyser
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Standard Penetro meter
2Ring and Ball Apparatus
3Ductility Apparatus
4Needle Vibrator
5Flow Table
6Marshall Stability Apparatus
7Abrasion Testing Machine
8Impact testing Machine
9Concrete Mixer
10Slump Cone
11Vee Bee Consistometer
12Blaine's apparatus
S.NoMajor Equipments
1Computer (Pentium IV) ' 30 NOS
S.NoMajor EquipmentsQuantity
1Pelton Wheel Turbine1
2Francis Turbine1
3Kaplan Turbine1
4Centrifugal Pump1
5Gear Pump1
6Reciprocating Pump1
7Jet Pump1
8Flow through Pipes1
9Orifice Meter1
10Venturi Meter1
11Pitot Tube1
12Bernoulli’s Apparatus1
13Metacentric Height Apparatus1
14Tilting flume1